2014 Jeep Patriot Sport – Budget Minded

2014 Jeep Patriot Sport – Budget Minded


Jeep Patriot Hoyte Dodge

Jeep® has manufactured a sturdy, long lasting mode of transportation for a lot of years. The Jeep® is considered a vehicle that the manufacture stands behind the product it produces by building a superior SUV. We all recognize the name from the big war in the 40’s when our armed forces pushed it to the limits while defending our great Nation in time of war. We often consider it as an off-road vehicle and not giving much thought to how it performs on the street in crowded traffic as a method of getting to work or school, to church on Sunday, or to a ball game on Friday nights.

So, let’s look at a Jeep® that will serve the community in all of these areas. A Jeep® designed to have a rugged exterior, comfortable interior, while at the same time economical, not only in price,  but also at the pump. A Jeep® that the average family can afford with the knowledge that it will last a long time while providing safety and comfort to the driver and its passengers. That vehicle is the 2014 Jeep Patriot Sport.

Designed in the Jeep Tradition with Jeep DNA

2014 Jeep Patriot Sport Hoyte Dodge

I mentioned economically priced. Jeep® recognizes a need for family’s or even single people who are hard working and trying to establish a path in life without spending the whole pay check on monthly car payments. The 2014 Jeep Patriot Sport is that vehicle. It may be a retired fisherman who needs an additional sport model to pull a boat to the lake or a young family getting started. This Jeep will get the job done for many years to come.

Economy is what they are looking for.  With two engines to choose from starting with the popular 2.0L DOHC I4 with Duel VVT,  or if a larger engine is require the available 2.4L DOHC also with Duel  VVT  with a five-speed manual transmission that produce up to 30 MPG hwy or 28 MPG respectively the lake just got closer.

SUV Ruggedness and Jeep Comfort

Features that include Brake Lock Differential, a fuel tank skid plate shield, Hill Descent Control, Tow Hooks, and All Season Formats the Sport is designed for FWD or 4X4 Drive that puts the driver in control in all weather conditions whether it is in snow, mud, sand, rock, or just a rainy day in the city.

This travel anywhere machine with the room and comfort of a SUV is available from Hoyte Dodge for a price to fit every budget.  We are Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Specials and Used Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on  Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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