2015 Dodge Challenger – Stronger Than Ever

2015 Dodge Challenger – Stronger Than Ever

2015 Dodge Challenger Hoyte Dodge

Looking back over the history of the Dodge Challenger we find a car with a rich past, a past that consisted of changes in wheelbase length, engines, and body stiles to keep up with the competition and the changing market. A car that has been defined as a muscle car because of its design and engine power, a car that has endured through the years while some the competition as fAllen by the way-side. This is because of American engineering and designing that has keep the popularity and demand by the driving public at an all time high. Because of its popularity the Dodge Challenger’s from past years are now highly valued as collectors cars and sell for large amounts of money.

Iconic Body Style

The 2015 Dodge Challenger from Hoyte Dodge is the product of  years of engineering, testing, and refinement of this famous car, it has become an icon of those who love fast cars with large engines that excite young and old alike when it comes to life.

The classic design of the 2015 Dodge Challenger turns heads and reminds those who drove the original cars this iconic design still cannot be ignored. Have you ever been driving on a city street or stopped at a intersection when one passes by? Heads turn and eyes follow when it passes. The first thing that attracts the eye is the 20-inch wheels with classic designs starting with a lightweight forged aluminum in satin or black finish or a polished satin carbon wheel depending on the owners selection.  Moving up the body we find available unique hood and body side striping to accent and inspire performance.

Unique Hood Designs

2015 Challenger stripping Hoyte Dodge

Hood designs accent the power under the hood. For those who are not faint of heart the2015 Dodge Challenger is available with a 707-HP Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT Hellcat engine. These hood designs with striping that accent  the air-intakes for the powerful HEMI ® engines are also available in the R/T Shaker, 392 HEMI® Scat Pack Shaker, SRT 392 and SRT® Hellcat.

To round out the high performance of the new 2015 Dodge Challenger four state of the art high performance braking packages are available that include the Brembo 4 or 6 Piston Brake Packages, Sport Brake Package, and the Performance Brake Package. Any of these packages are world class stopping power at the control of the driver.

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