Paddle Shifters – Shifting Gears Safely

Paddle Shifters – Shifting Gears Safely


Paddle shifters

Paddle shifters; is this a new word in the automobile industry or something that has been around a long time? Actually it has been around a long time going back to the early 1900’s when a method of shifting gears was mounted on a steering wheel to shift gears up and down without a clutch.  Originally designed primarily for racing today it is utilized in modern automobiles for the same purpose although it is not necessary for racing , but to allow the driver to control a semi-automatic transmission by selecting  manual shifting on the gear selection leaver, whether it on the steering column or the center console.

It consist of two leavers, one each mounted on each side of the steering wheel. When the manual selection is engaged this allows the driver to manually shift gears safely without removing the hands from the steering wheel. The slitting is done electronically by moving one of the paddles. One of the paddle shifts the transmission gears up, the other shifts the gears down one gear each time the leaver is moved.

Uses of Paddle Shifters

This method of controlling the proper gear to drive in has a lot of advantages.  A great example of this shifting method is driving in stop and go traffic. While it is not know how much damage can be don e to a transmission when an automatic transmission is continually shifting gears when the vehicle is moving forward and then slowing down at erratic times it has a tendency to overheat the transmission which over time does place undue ware on the transmission gears. Using the paddle shifter when in the manual selection keeps the transmission in the gear selected by the driver to assist in breaking during those times when the speed is slow.

Driving in uneven terrain or mountainous roads is another use of the paddle shifters. Climbing a steep incline can cause the transmission to shift gears in an abnormal and erratic manner again resulting in transmission over heating and unnecessary ware on the gears. On steep downhill inclines downshifting to lower gears will assist in breaking the vehicle and slow overheating and unnecessary break ware. Over heated breaks is one of the primary causes of brake failure. This is especially helpful when hauling and towing heavy loads

SRT Racing using Paddle Shifters


Challenger SRT

Paddle Shifters are used exclusively in the 2014 SRT® series of fine Street Racing Technology offered by Chrysler Group LLC and Hoyte Dodge when driving in racing conditions. Unlike a manual transmission the semi-automation transmission is designed to prove smooth and efficient changing of the gears while at the same time minimizing the stress placed on the drive train under extreme conditions. These fine vehicles include the SRT® Viper, Chrysler 300 SRT®, Dodge Charger SRT®, Dodge Challenger SRT® and Grand Cherokee SRT®.   Another SRT® designed vehicles is the Dodge Durango designed for rugged travel under all road conditions and the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee for the best Jeep has to offer. All are equipped with paddle shifters to assist the driver in smooth and safe travels.

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