RAM Truck Owners are Loyal

RAM Truck Owners are Loyal

Do you remember your first RAM Truck? The tradition of loyalty to a car or truck manufacture is an American tradition. Most men and women create a loyalty when they purchase their first truck. That first truck brings a pride of ownership and the desire to show it off to all their friends. Then sit back with a smile and a puffed out chest as they offer congratulations and statements like “Man, I wish I could own one like that” or “What a beauty”. Then there is that person who has a different brand and thinks it is the best. This creates completion among friends for a life time. Friends who year in and year out will
only buy their brand and look forward to bragging rights about who owns the best truck and try to convince everyone else their
truck is the best.

RAM Trucks have the most loyal truck owners of all. They are proud to say “I own a RAM”, or “My diesel truck will pull anything”. The one I like most of all “listen to that engine”. This has been a subject of not only pride, but real truth. Yes, the 2014 RAM Trucks are all of these and many more.

If you are not a RAM truck owner or have never owned a truck, now is the time to start your legacy. Now is the time to purchase that special truck to get the job done. The 2014 RAM 1500 is the truck that has been awarded the first back to back Motor Trend “Truck of the Year” for 2013 and 2014. This is a highly sought recognition by truck manufactures and RAM now has the bragging rights of being the champion for two consecutive years. We in Texas are known for our ability to brag. We are now bragging about the 2014 RAM 1500 being awarded the “Truck of Texas” by the Texas Auto Writers Association which is also back to back years. Let’s also include “Truck Line of Texas” which amounts to seven individual awards that include “Best Power Train” and “Best Technology”. The list goes on and on.

Now you understand why truck owners are loyal, why they brag, and why they are so proud of their truck. The RAM family of Trucks are the top of the line. Starting with the famous RAM 1500, the            RAM 2500 and RAM 3550. For hauling and towing these trucks are designed for work and pleasure. Towing the products needed for a job throughout the week and then the boat to the lake for a weekend of fishing and fun. The RAM Commercial Trucks offer a selection of reliable trucks for that one owner company doing the job every day, or the company with a fleet of trucks. You will find loyalty here also.

We at Hoyte Dodge are eagerly waiting on the new EcoDiesel engine that will be available in the RAM 1500 models in the very near future.

Hoyte Dodge is proud to offer the family new 2014 RAM Trucks. We have the bragging rights. Stop by our showroom today for yours. You will smile and look forward to showing it of.

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